Inline skating, which adults can also enjoy, is a perfect way to exercise. They are sold by companies such as K2 and Rollerblade, but they are divided into quadruple types depending on their purpose, much as fitness, freeride, speed, and aggressive, and the price straddle varies from low to high. You might be wondering which one to choose. So this time, we will introduce how to choose inline skates for adults. Please employ this as a reference to find the inline skates that are perfect for you.

How to Choose Inline Skates for Adults插图The Charm of Inline Skating

Inline skating is not only if fun to skate on, but it can besides be used for work out and training, and is also popular as an aggressive sport. Since you use the muscles of your entire body, you put up easily trail your sense of balance and core strength. Another appeal is that you can easily exercise at parks where you can use inline skates or at dedicated parks.

You put up easily practice even by yourself without taking upward practically space, and it can be used not only for inline skating but also for off-ski training. You can suffer started right away once you have the necessary tools, so if you’re looking for a new hobby or want to relieve your lack of exercise, please give it a try.

How to Choose Inline Skates for Adults

Choose the type according to your purpose and level

Inline skates can be divided into four main types. First, decide on your purpose, such as for stretching or for serious competition, and then choose the type that suits you.

Fitness type

How to Choose Inline Skates for Adults插图1A fitness type with a structure that makes it easy to maintain balance and prevents falls. Beginners who are not used to falling should choose this type first. People who start inline skating for exercise or core training can reduce the risk of injury by first learning the technique of stopping safely, and then moving on to the next step once they get used to it.

Free ride type

How to Choose Inline Skates for Adults插图2For those who are not satisfied with just gliding normally, or those who want to improve their skills, it is a good idea to choose a freeride type, which allows you to easily slalom (meander and rotate) between spaced cones. It looks similar to the fitness type, but the frame is shorter and has a structure that allows for tighter turning. A versatile type that combines mobility and balance, perfect for introductory track practice. Recommended for when you want to get more exercise, off-ski training, and inline dancing.

Speed type

If you want to enjoy sliding with a sense of speed, we advocate the speed type. Featuring large wheels and a long frame, it’s designed specifically for competing on the track. It’s a specialized model and expensive, so it’s suitable for intermediate to high-tech riders; it’s simply something to consider if you’re aiming to take part in a race. There are 3-wheel and 4-wheel types; just 3-wheel wheels are relatively light and are suitable for undefined long distances at high speed.

Aggressive type

If you want to perform tricks using a jumping table, half pipe, or handrail, choose an invasive type. The structure emphasizes stability and is made to be uncompromising enough to withstand the impact of tricks. Because the wheels are small and there are no brakes, the draw is that you can fly, bounce, and slither in dynamic ways. If you need to perform cool techniques, please give it a try.

Choose husk stuff with vehemence on fit

How to Choose Inline Skates for Adults插图3There are two types of boot materials: soft shell, which is soft like a sneaker, and hard shell, which is covered with severe plastic. Each type has an unusual fixing method, so choose with vehemence on fit.

For beginners, we recommend soft shells made of lightweight and soft material. They are comfortable to wear as they allow your ankles to travel freely, and they are also attractive because they are relatively inexpensive. The hard shell allows your feet to stay firmly in place, making it ideal for people who want to perform tricks or who value speed. If you feel pain when the hard cushion hits your feet, try using an inner cushion to improve the fit.

Choose the correct size as possible

How to Choose Inline Skates for Adults插图4When choosing the size of your boots, choose the one that fits you best, based on your everyday shoes. If the boots are too big, your feet will move around inside the boots and the fit will be poor. Adult boots often do not have a size adjustment feature, so be sure to check the size carefully. When purchasing online, we recommend an e-commerce site that supports returns and exchanges for different sizes. If you’re trying on the shoes at a store, make sure to tuck in your heel and toes and stand up to check the fit.

Pay attention to the ABEC number and diameter

How to Choose Inline Skates for Adults插图5Check if the wheel rotates smoothly by turning it by hand. The higher the “ABEC” number, which indicates the number of revolutions, the faster the shoes will spin, but when purchasing a pair of shoes for the first time, it is safe to buy one with an ABEC of 3 to 5. Generally, wheel diameters of 80 to 84 mm are for beginners, 90 to 100 mm are for intermediate riders, and 105 to 120 mm are for advanced riders who prioritize speed. At first, choose a bike that emphasizes ease of balance rather than speed.

Beginners should choose one with brakes

For beginners, it is better to wear shoes with a brake on the heel. Especially if you’re practicing in a park where many skaters gather, you’ll feel more secure if you can stop quickly. If you’re worried about it getting in the way when you’re doing tricks, it’s a good idea to choose a model with removable brakes.

Equipment and clothing for enjoying inline skating

Sports come with the risk of falls and injuries. Even adults must wear a helmet and protectors when inline skating. Some skate parks require equipment. There is no set dress code, but long sleeves and long pants that cover your skin are safe. Enjoy inline skating in clothes that are easy to move in and that you don’t mind tearing.

How to Choose Inline Skates for Adults插图6

In recent years, inline skates have been released by various manufacturers. The features, strengths, and installed functions vary depending on the manufacturer and model, so we recommend choosing items that suit your level and needs. Please refer to this article and get your favorite inline skates.

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