Roller skates allow you to move by sliding on the ground. This item can be enjoyed by both children and adults for a wide range of purposes, such as learning how to skate as a hobby or practicing in a dance class. However, in addition to the general four-wheeled type, there are various types such as types that attach to shoes and types that attach to shoes, so it can be confusing to know which one to choose. Therefore, this time we will introduce recommended and popular roller skate products by type.

The Best Roller Skates for Quad & Inline Type of Skater插图Recommended Quad Type Roller Skates

The quad type, which has four tires designed to look like a car, is stable and can be used by people of all ages. They come in a wide range of designs and colors, and their appeal is that they create a fun atmosphere around your feet. Please find your favorite pair from the recommendations we introduce this time.

Toho Kosan “Quad Roller CA-650”

The Best Roller Skates for Quad & Inline Type of Skater插图1Traditional quad-type roller skates with shoelaces. Accented by the clean, bright bi-color design and logos on the belt and sides. The mature design won’t interfere with your coordination, and will surely please even fashion-conscious children in the upper grades of elementary school to middle school.

It has a brake on the toe, allowing you to stop smoothly even if you get too fast. The Velcro belt at the ankle makes it easy to put on and take off. Another important point is that it uses tires with high grip that firmly grip the ground. The lightweight finish prevents your feet from getting tired, and the tough construction allows you to try a variety of movements.

YIQI “Roller Skates”

The Best Roller Skates for Quad & Inline Type of Skater插图2These roller skates come in vivid colors that attract attention even from a distance. We created a stylish look by using different materials and combining them with similar colors. The logo and pattern printed on the belt are the focal point. The sponge material at the collar firmly holds your ankle. Another feature is that you can secure your feet with a combination of shoelaces, Velcro straps, and buckles.

Another great feature is that you can easily adjust the size without using tools using the push button on the side. You can change the size up to 4 levels and use it for a long clock as it grows. The use of mesh stuff increases breathability and provides a wide fit. It is an item that is easy to handle level for beginners, with first-class stability and quietness.

Roller derby “Track Star”

These are roller skates from Roller Derby, an American English tumbler sports manufacturer. Inner boots with a bold geometric pattern are combined with a cool off frame. The different colors are also attractive, making it the perfect item for a sporty style. The II buckles on the face securely procure your feet, allowing you to enjoy a stable ride. Another sport is that the size can be easily adjusted with the labor button.

It also has a brake on the toe. The heel tab makes it soft to put off on and take off. If you use them for a hanker time, they will inevitably get stodgy and smelly, but the inner boots can be removed and washed, so you can always use them cleanly.

Recommended Inline Type Roller Skates

Introducing inline type roller skates with a sharp search that allows you to glide easily on the ground. The structure is slightly unstable, so a sense of poise is required. However, it is faster than the quad type, so the playfulness of sliding is exceptional. If you practice and get good at skating, I’m sure the children will love playing with it.

Roller blade “Microblade 072219003D9”The Best Roller Skates for Quad & Inline Type of Skater插图3

Roller skates by Rollerblade are popular all over the world. The refreshing colors and sporty design create a cool style starting from your feet. Mesh material is used in the ankle area and upper to increase breathability inside the shoe, which tends to get stuffy. The frame is designed to make it easier to control balance, making it easy to handle even for children who are skating for the first time.

Another great feature is that you can adjust the size without tools by sliding the tip while pressing the adjustment button on the side. You can also secure it with shoelaces, Velcro belts, or ratchet buckles for a stable and comfortable fit. The tires of this product are standard 4-wheel specifications, but can be upgraded as they are multi-frames that also support 3-wheel specifications.

2pm Sports “Vinal Inline Skate”

These are inline type roller skates with lit up tires that are sure to attract the attention of those around you. It shines brightly and has a presence when used during the day as well as at night. Since it is a self-power generation system, you can use it without worrying about batteries. The stylish design with the vivid colors that stand out against the black body is also impressive.

The reinforced aluminum frame protects your feet from impacts and falls. Another key point is that the upper is partially made of lightweight mesh material. The shoes are easy to put on and take off by securing them with shoelaces or Velcro straps, so even children can wear them by themselves without the need for adult support.

FILA Skate “X-ONE Inline Skate”

The Best Roller Skates for Quad & Inline Type of Skater插图4These roller skates are from the Italian sports brand “FILA Skate”, which is popular all over the world as a skate brand. It uses excellent technology that is also used in the world championships, so you can expect a comfortable ride. The size can be adjusted in approximately 5 mm increments, allowing for a comfortable fit that fits your feet and the thickness of your socks. Another feature is the easy adjustment method, just pull and rotate the adjustment knob on the heel while wearing roller skates.

The tops of the feet are covered with reinforced plastic, so even small children with weak ankles can slide comfortably without shaking their ankles. Stability has been improved by fixing the shoes at three points: the shoelaces, belt, and buckle. The shoes are designed with attention to detail, including an air intake part that prevents stuffiness inside the shoe, and a removable inner and padding that can be washed.

The Best Roller Skates for Quad & Inline Type of Skater插图5

We introduced a variety of roller skates rich in design and functionality. It might be fun to try the quad type first, and then try the inline type once you get used to it. Please choose the one that interests you.

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