Burton has always been a pioneer in the world of snowboarding, and it is still fresh in our minds that Ayumu Hirano, who won a silver medal at the Pyeongchang Olympics for the second consecutive time, used a Burton board that quickly became a household name throughout the country. In this issue, we would like to share with you the appeal of Burton’s products!

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Burton was born as a snowboard brand and has made a name for itself, but it is a total brand that offers products that can be enjoyed even by non-snowboarders, from apparel and accessories to camping gear.

Snowboarding Goods

What Is Burton? Which Burton Snowboard Is Recommended?插图1Snowboard goods are the core of the brand and are constantly evolving. We lead the industry with innovative technology for boards, bindings, boots, and more. Keep an eye on the various collections that skillfully support snowboarders, such as the “ak” series, which pursues functions for maximum performance in the harshest environments, and the long-awaited new model “Step On,” which will be released on November 5, 2018.

Apparel Goods

American and casual apparel goods are also an integral part of the Burton story. In addition to street-wearable designs, Burton also offers a full range of features such as insulation and comfort-oriented materials. The founder of the brand, Jake Burton, is a great lover of clothing, and this may be the reason why he puts as much effort into this part of his business as he does into his board goods.

Camping Gear

What Is Burton? Which Burton Snowboard Is Recommended?插图2Burton continues to innovate not only in snowboarding, but in all aspects of outdoor living, and camping is no exception. They have collaborated with artists to create a variety of artwork on their boards, and their unique sensibility in dressing them up is evident in their camp gear, which is a refreshing change from the stereotypical camp gear design.

Bags & Luggage

A wide range of bags and luggage are available, from laptop cases and pouches to duffel bags and carrying cases. B&L also produces authentic bags without compromise, such as a carry bag that can be separated into two pieces and a camera bag that satisfies both design and functionality needs of professional users.

BURTON gear trusted by snowboarders


What Is Burton? Which Burton Snowboard Is Recommended?插图3The flagship model in Burton’s long history is the Custom, an all-around model that can handle everything from free riding to park and powder with just one board. It is the most popular board in BURTON’s long history, and it has been trusted and trusted through constant updates. The shape is a simple camber, but technology has been piled up everywhere. If you have a chance to ride it at a test-ride event, this is one board you should definitely try.

In addition, BURTON boards have a different attachment system called The Channel. This system is a powerful one when combined with BURTON bindings, allowing the rider to fine-tune the angle and stance width to his or her liking.


One of the most popular bindings is the Genesis, a relatively new model that is lightweight yet offers great cushioning with specs that can handle the hard work of team riders. Also, popular are models such as the Malavita and Cartel, which are slightly lower in price. There are two types of binding systems: the EST model, which is optimized to match the board’s The Channel, and the Re:Flex™️ system, which is also compatible with other snowboard brands. If you use a brand other than Burton, pay attention to the binding system.


ION boots are popular for their all-around versatility and are available in two types: BOA and Speed Lace systems. Another popular feature of these boots is that they have a wide fit model that can accommodate the high instep and wide width characteristic of Japanese people. These boots are also used by top riders who ski hard all over the mountain, and are packed with technology throughout, including auto-cantilever cushioning.


What Is Burton? Which Burton Snowboard Is Recommended?插图4BURTON is also a brand that offers a full range of soft aspects such as wear, goggles (Anon), and gloves. In terms of wear, a wide range of items are available, including ak, a high-end line that can withstand hard conditions, Gore-Tex equipped models, and kids’ models. Gloves and helmets are also available, from high-end models to all-round models. The wide range of items and the broad compatibility with men’s, women’s, and kids’ models is one of the reasons for BURTON’s popularity.

BURTON’s Unique Step On System

The season before last, Burton unveiled its unique Step On system, which allows skiers to attach the Step On system to their bindings and boots by simply stepping into the boot. It is easy to install anywhere and provides outstanding feel. This is a completely BURTON original system and completely frees you from the stress of putting on bindings. Of course, you may have your own preference for this system, but the speed of installation is overwhelming.

[BURTON] Types of Snowboard Shapes

Pure Pop Camber

Pure Pop Camber is a new version of the camber shape (where the board is slightly curved in the center). In this design, there is a small flat zone just outside the feet, which enhances the board’s pop (jumping power) and adds a playful touch to the camber’s responsiveness. In addition, the tip and back end of the board are slightly lifted, which makes the board easier to spin, smoother on the snow, and less likely to get caught in the snow.

Flat Top

Flat tops are mainly flat underfoot, with a rocker nose (front) and tail (rear). This flattop shape improves stability and balance and allows for continuous edge control. In addition, the tip and tail of the board lift faster outward from the feet, giving the board a catch-free, loose feel that comes from the rocker. This allows the board to glide smoothly without feeling edge drag.


Camber is considered the most classic shape in snowboarding. It embodies the fundamental values of board design, strongly favoring powerful turns, pop, and precision. It acts like a resilient suspension, distributing the weight evenly throughout the board. This allows for smooth and continuous edge control from nose to tail, giving the rider consistent response and control.

What Is Burton? Which Burton Snowboard Is Recommended?插图5

BURTON is the #1 snowboard brand in both name and reality, and we invite you to learn more about BURTON by visiting one of their snowboard stores. In person, they will be able to help you choose the right gear for your needs. We hope you have a great day with BURTON gear.

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