It is surprisingly difficult to invite children who are engrossed in games and videos at home to play outside. In such cases, try introducing game-style outdoor play. Once they feel that it is fun, they may start to like playing outside! Once they feel that it is fun, it may lead them to like playing outside. We have compiled a list of popular outdoor games for nursery schools and kindergartens, as well as outdoor games that elementary school children can enjoy. We will also introduce some of the advantages of outdoor play and things to be aware of beforehand, so please check them out.

Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers! Go out with Your Kids插图Merits of Outdoor Play Games

Outdoor play actively moves the body and improves children’s athletic ability. Also, through outdoor play, communication with friends is inevitable, and the ability to listen to others’ opinions and a considerate heart are nurtured, as well as the ability to solve problems through fights and disputes. In addition, physical play helps children sleep better at night and lead healthier, more regular lives.

What Adults Should Be Aware of

While playing outside has its advantages, there are a few points to keep in mind that are different from playing at home. If children have a bad experience, they may start to dislike playing outside. Check these points carefully before you go outside.

Risk of injury

Children may fall off equipment such as slides, swings, jungle gyms, and iron bars, or bump into each other. Adventurous children may jump from high places or play in ways that adults may not think of.

Children’s Clothing

When children play outdoor games, be careful about what they wear. Clothes with hoods or strings, loose-fitting clothes, flouncy skirts, scarves, and scarves can easily get caught on playground equipment or friends. Shoes, such as sneakers that are stable and protect the feet, are also recommended.

Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers! Go out with Your Kids插图1Recommended Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers

Here are some popular outdoor games that toddlers can enjoy at nursery schools and kindergartens.

“Tail-catching” a game that lets them run around with all their might

This is a game with simple rules that anyone can enjoy. Decide in advance how far you will allow them to run around.

Number of people

A large group of 5 or more people is recommended.

What to prepare

Paper, vinyl tape or string for the number of “tails

How to play / Rules

Once everyone has their tails tucked into the back of their pants, the game begins! Everyone goes to get other people’s tails while trying not to have their own tails taken away. The person whose tail is taken is eliminated from the game, and the winner is the person who has the most tails left and the most tails taken from other players.

Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers! Go out with Your Kids插图2“Red Light Green Light” can be played with some players

“Red Light Green Light” is a game that has been around for a long time. It can be played without tools, and the action of moving and stopping is fun, and the ogre’s line “Red Light Green Light!” Also adds to the excitement of the game.

Number of players

It is fun to play with many of players (4 or more). For young children, the maximum number of players is about 6, which is easy to count.

How to play / Rules

After deciding on one “ogre,” start the game by saying “Hajimari no Ippo!” from a distance to start the game. The “ogre” turns around and shouts, “Red Light Green Light”. When he finishes, he turns around. At that time, no one except the “ogre” may move. If the “ogre” sees you moving, hold hands with the “ogre” and wait for help.

A simple but exciting “hula-hoop passing game”

The “Hula-Hoop Passing Game” is a game played with hula-hoops. It is a simple game, but very exciting.

Number of players

At least 3 people per hula-hoop. It can be played with many people.

What to prepare

At least 1 hula-hoop

How to play / Rules

The first person starts by saying, “Yoi Don!” And passes the hula-hoop from the head to the next person. If there is a large group, divide into two or three teams, and the team with the last person to pass the hula-hoop through the head first wins. It is also recommended to bring it back to the front again from the end.

Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers! Go out with Your Kids插图3“Kagefumi” is recommended on sunny days.

“Kagefumi” is an exterior game that can be played without tools on a sunny day. Let’s enjoy it in a large park or other place where you can run around as much as you like.

Number of players

About 3 to 6 people. Be careful not to play with too large a group, or you may bump into each other.

How to play / Rules

Once an “ogre” is chosen, the “child” runs away to keep from stepping on his or her shadow. The “Oni” chases the “Child” later by running so that the “Oni” can tread on the Child’s shadow.

Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers! Go out with Your Kids插图4“Hide-and-seek” can be enjoyed by people of all ages

“Hide-and-seek” is a traditional outdoor game that can be played without using any tools, and is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Number of players

About 3 to 5 people

How to Play/Rules

After one “ogre” is chosen, all children take out the “ogre” and can hide anywhere they like. They slowly count to 10. When the ogre finishes counting to 10, the devil asks, “Are you done? And if the child is silently hiding, the ogre replies, “No, not yet! If the child is shut up in hiding, the ogre replies, “No more! When the monster is gearing up to start looking for the child, the player says, “That’s enough! If the ogre finds all the secret children, he wins. If the ogre fails to see all the children, the kid wins. As a further development of the game, it is recommended to organize a new bet, in which the child who has been established can escape once again if he or she touches the monster again.

Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers! Go out with Your Kids插图5

Even without special playground equipment, there are many games that can be enjoyed by a small group of people. We encourage you to share the appeal of so many outdoor games with your children.

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